Thwaites Shire Horses


Headway Blackburn group were invited for a “Meet and Greet” to their visitor centre at Penny Lane in Blackburn.

Sam Walker PA to the CEO Ric Bailey, dealt her magic again, by arranging for Wainwright and Bomber to visit us.  They are the Thwaites shire horses and the group were delighted to see them drink a couple of pints of beer, and have photos taken with these two beautiful species.  Sam arranged for Thwaites staff and CEO to join us for the event, along with a lovely lunch and a visit to the Thwaites Brewery museum.  Jane – Headway Blackburn Chair gave a little speech, thanking everyone for coming, and explained what we have been fundraising for and how we hoped to reach our £10,000k target.  Some of the staff took raffle tickets for our BIG 10 Raffle up to the offices and sold us £60.00 worth along with staff buying them at lunch time and raising another £29.50.  AS Thwaites Charity of the Year, Jane passed on a massive thank you to everyone who attended and we are all now looking forward to the Celebration Ball on the 6th March when we will find out how much Thwaites have raised for us. 

Here’s hoping!!

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